Casino Game Odds

The best casino game odds for a casino player are the ones that have a low house edge and this gives you the advantage that you need to win. Well, all casino games have odds but as a player you should be smart while picking the games that can put money in your hands. When it comes to Poker the result of the game and the money involved is based on your skill level except for a very small amount that goes to the casino from the pot.

What you need to do to win at this table game is to know how to play poker and be able to bluff other players so that you can make big cash.
Another casino game that has odds in favor of the player is Video Poker. The Video Poker odds can be tilted in your favor if you know your game and make the right decisions. Some Video Poker games give you better odds than others, but you need to have a perfect mathematical strategy to achieve the advantage. One other important thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to Video Poker is the paytable. So make sure that you check the paytable to completely understand the payback.

When it comes to Blackjack, card counting is one sure way of increasing your chances of winning but then again, many casinos make it difficult to card count. The more decks of cards they use in each shoe, the less chance of you card counting. It takes a lot of practice and focus to be able to use this technique, but you should also be careful as to where you try this out as many casinos do not allow card counting. However this technique can do you no good if you are into online Blackjack games. The same goes for Blackjack Basic Strategy which involves the number of decks that are used in the game.

Nothing can get as exciting as Craps once you know the best betting options and the odds for each type of bet. Even though the house edge for Don’t Pass/ Don’t Come bets is 1.14 percent this is something that can be converted to your advantage. You can lower this house edge to .59 percent and many players opt to bet with the shooter on the passline. Another bet of Craps that has odds in favor of the player is the Passline/Come bet. You can bring down the house edge from 1.41 percent to as low as .61. Another wonderful bet that has been very rewarding for me is the Place 6 and 8 bet in Craps. Other than the 7, 6 and 8 are the numbers that are rolled out pretty often.

Playing banker can be very rewarding in Pai Gow poker. While acting as the banker the house takes a commission of five percent from you, but this also means you get to win the bet, of the players that you beat. It is necessary that you practice this game and remember there are players who are less experienced than you are, so just go for it. You can also play banker with Baccarat by paying a commission when you win. Being a Baccarat player is also fun because the player bet has a house edge of 1.24 percent, but make sure you stay away from the tie bet as this is known to bite the hands of a player.

Now that we have the inside scoop as to how to turn the odds in your favor, what is required of you is to understand that the odds change from one game to another and it is you, who has to pick the one that will work out just fine for you.
So, no more getting jittery when you think of the house edge and casino game odds, as they all can be made favorable with a little practice and a lot of gaming knowledge.

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